Celebrating 10 Years

TAKE a Bow

As we look back over the past ten years, there have been many special moments.  The big ones are easy to identify; the small ones sometimes hidden.  The Forum tells stories with artistry, creativity and attention to detail in every aspect from design to execution to performance.  The strength of the organization is that the entire staff and company of actors and artists share that ideal.   We take a bow to the artists that have graced our staged.  We take a bow to the sponsors and donors that made it possible.  We take a bow to you, our audience that has supported and championed us for ten years!

AWAKE your Imagination

The future is here, awake your imagination to the possibilities. Over the next ten years, there are plans to expand our educational component to include live and virtual outreach to schools and add a summer youth program; and to more fully engage the audience with theatre forum’s and workshops. In the near future, we are going to take the next step to become the first Equity Small Professional Theatre in Wichita. This will ensure a better future for actors and solid pool of local professional talent. In March of 2021, we will introduce the first Festival of Plays and Musicals specifically written by women of color, an underserved, under recognized community of theatre artists.

SHOW your support

As a not-for-profit arts organization, charitable contributions are vital to sustain our mission of producing exceptional theatre for the Wichita Metropolitan community. It is only with your contributions along with your ticket purchase that enables us to engage actors and artists that create the exceptional shows you love.  The reality of producing theatre … only 64% of the cost is covered by your ticket purchase. The remaining 36% must come from donations.

The Forum Theatre Co. is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation.    All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
The  CARES Act made notable changes to charitable giving in 2020, which have been extended and updated for 2021.  Please check with your tax professional to see how a donation now to a charitable organization like The Forum may benefit you directly.